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TBR 2006 Part I (Travel, Social)

Where Paul explains Travel to and from TBR

The trip to Boston was a mess because of my worry over my mother. You see, as I sat in MSP airport waiting for the flight, CNN displayed the images from Wilkes Barre, and told of the evacuations of tens of thousands of people from the area.

I worried about my mother. Without her number on my cell, I dithered about what to do, and I should have done what tryslora suggested, only sooner. (More later).

Anyway, thus, worried and anxious, my early flight to Boston was nervewracking and mostly consisted of sleeping and fidgeting. For the first time that I can remember, I did not read a single page of my book on the flight.

The shuttle ride to the hotel was longer than I expected, since the other passengers had a destination in downtown Boston. So I got an eyeful of the City of Boston before the shuttle swung rest to the relative quiet of Marlborough.

When I got to the hotel and checked in, I mostly vegetated and quasi napped on the couch for a couple of hours, because I believe that I was the first person out of all the con goers to make it to the con (about 2:30 or so).

Around 5 or so, I got up and wandered down to the first floor, whereupon I quickly began meeting people, including goldfired for the first time.

After chatting, and Pimms!, and gifts from Mel that was she was overgenerous with, and more meeting people, a bunch of us went to have Chinese for dinner. While it was somewhat expensive, and I had to scramble for cash, it was fairly tasty, and we shared all of our too-many dishes. A good time was had by all.

Friday, before games was store visiting, including a visit to Trader Joes. I really need to visit the one in the Minneapolis area. Deb's words on Thursday about calling my mother via Directory Assistance finally got through the black hole I call my brain, and I called her briefly. She lives on a hill and never was in danger. Thanks, Deb!

The ACD gathering was somewhat smaller than expected, since Ginger and Michael needed some rest and the Saturday afternoon midslot was cut to fit. Deb cooked lots, and I cooked, to mild taste, my chili with beans. The food was enjoyed and I was glad that my dish was deemed edible (and later was at the HOC gathering). It feels good to cook well enough that people like it.

The HOC gathering ran long and late, and involved a comically inept staff at Papa Ginos, as encountered by Karen A, Ginger and Michael and I. Although people peeled off in small groups, the chatting about all sorts of topics, both related to House of Cards and not, went on, in the end until Midnight.

I was up early every morning, and usually the first person at breakfast, save for Brenda and her family. I managed to work out two of the days, although I missed the pool and hot tub in my race for power and glory.

The trip back to Minneapolis started well enough. Although I didn't get to say goodbye to Michael and Ginger before I left, I had managed Deb and Kevin, and the shuttle came on time. We arrived at the airport very early and I settled in for a long wait.

It was far longer than I expected.

The gate announced that boarding would begin soon...and we waited, and waited. The announcement that the captain was afraid of mechanical difficulties filled me with dread. Another twenty minutes of waiting, and it was official--the flight was cancelled.

A large queue of people lined up for alternative arrangements. I hedged my bets by getting on the queue but also calling NWA (God, I love having a cell phone again). Unfortunately the next available flight back to MSP was not for another 4 and a half hours. I bit the bullet and got the flight, and I also confirmed it with the gate personnel, getting $10 in meal vouchers in the process.

Since I had previously eaten, I waited a while before heading to Houlihans for more food. Although the bill came to just above $10, my cute and kind waitress waived the difference. That, at least, went right, and the new flight left on time.

This time, while I tried to nap, I couldn't. Thus, I continued to read, as I had in the terminal, and not only finished Ilium, but started and finished the graphic novel that goldfired had given me along with the chocolates.

Still, I took some notes and ideas for games and such on the plane and in so doing amused myself until I landed in MSP, and made my drive home.

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